Melissa Aldana (CHILE/US)


“The intricacies and unpredictability of Aldana’s solos, as well as the subtlety of her interactions with her collaborators, make for fascinating listening… “ Chicago Tribune

First female winner of the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition

Born in Santiago, Chile, tenor saxophonist and composer Melissa Aldana burst on to the Chilean jazz scene where she gained tremendous respect for her forthright approach to music.

As a child Melissa studied with her renowned saxophonist father Marcos Aldana (son of saxophonist Enrique Aldana, whose Selmer Mark VI tenor Melissa performs with to this day).

After moving to New York she quickly became part of the city’s jazz scene. Subsequent touring and recording has cemented Melissa’s reputation as one of the brightest talents of her generation. A considered and persuasive improviser, Melissa explores both her own music and the standard repertoire with her trio, featuring countryman Pablo Menares (bass), joined by Colin Stranahan (drums).


Melissa Aldana (tenor saxophone) Pablo Menares (bass) Colin Stranahan (drums)


Wednesday 2 November 8:30pm @ Foundry 616