2014 Program

Dee-Alexander HannahJames Sarah-McKenzie Jazz-Hip-Hop
Ellen-Kirkwood Lisa-Parrott Gai-Bryant KomedProject


Welcome to our third Sydney International Woman’s Festival. We hope you can join us to celebrate the depth and diversity of women band leaders, composers and players from around the world.

It is with much pleasure that we introduce Dee Alexander to our shores for her exclusive Australian debut. In the US she has received the highest critical acclaim and five star reviews for her last two albums. She is recognised as one of the most gifted and versatile vocalists alive. and a shining example of the famous jazz tradition generated from Chicago. Don’t miss this chance to catch Dee in an intimate setting.

We also welcome back Lisa Parrott and Sarah McKenzie, wonderful examples of the strength of our artists who now reside in the US. Plus we have a specially commissioned work by Andrea Keller, a CD launch from Hannah James, influences from Cuba with Gai Bryant’s big band, the verve of Ellen Kirkwood’s new band Fat Yahoozah and a bit of jazz hip hop to liven up the mix.

The festival promises a range of music to inspire and delight, offering you access to jazz that highlights the talents of these great artists.


Joanne Kee and Peter Rechniewski
Artistic Directors